If during a hurricane, tropical storm or unforseen emergency, our water system loses power and water pressure, we will issue a precautionary boil water notice (PBWN) to our customers.

Under boil water notice, water used for consumption (drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, homemade ice) can be disinfected by any of the following methods:

  • Bringing the water to a rolling boil and holding it there for one (1) minute
  • Using a disinfecting chemical, like bleach. 8 drops of household unscented bleach per gallon of water
  • Water purification tablets, or iodine. This is often sold at sports and camping stores

You can also buy commercial bottled water for drinking and food preparation- always a good practice as part of your hurricane preparations each season. Don’t forget your pets!

Tap water can be used for showering, baths, shaving and washing, as long as care is taken not to swallow or allow water in eyes, nose or mouth. Children, disabled individuals, people with open/surgical wounds, and those that may be ill, should use extra caution.

Panacea Area Water System will notify the media about the PBWN, and when it is lifted. Please stayed tuned to television and radio for updates.

  • Flush all your taps and dispose of ice made during the PBWN, when you are notified the water is safe to drink!

For any questions or issues, call us @ (850)984-5301

If you evacuate, turn off your customer valve to avoid possible leaks.