Like everyone else in our country today we all have to tighten our belts to make ends meet. Panacea Area Water System, Inc. is no different; we are doing everything we can with controlling expenses in order to continue to offer low prices on your water.

One area that we are asking our customers to help with is your water meter box, lid and electronic meter. Your residential water meter box is made of hard plastic and is not rated for the loads from a vehicle without risk of damage. You also have a round sensor mounted on the top of your meter box lid which is the electronic sending unit that allows your meter to be read without removal of the lid. This sensor can be damaged by lawn mowers or vehicle traffic as well. The cost for Panacea Area Water System, Inc. to replace your meter box is approximately $150.00, and the replacement of the electronic sensor is $100.00.

In order to avoid charges for replacement, we are asking that you take a minute to locate your water meter and make sure it is well marked so as to avoid being run over and damaged. We also ask that you clear brush, branches and other landscaping away from your meter box so it can be easily accessed for reading and maintenance.

If you would like assistance in locating your meter, or having us mark its location, please give us a call @ 984-5301. We appreciate your help in this matter, and look forward to providing you with continued outstanding water service.



Planting a garden? Installing new fencing? Putting up a new mailbox? You must call 811 a few days before starting your project, so you can avoid damaging utility lines. The homeowner may be responsible for damage done to our service lines if you did not call for a locate. Direct link to Sunshine 811 can be found under HELPFUL LINKS on our Home Page.